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Using Information Systems to better Support Quality Care at the end of Life
  1. Katie Lindsey,
  2. Elaine Owen,
  3. Julia Chisnell
  1. Katie Lindsey, Project Manager, National End of Life Care Programme, Leicester, Elaine Owen, End of Life Care Service Improvement Lead for Acute and Specialist Services, Cheshire and Merseyside Clinical Networks, and Julia Chisnell, previously Programme Manager, Cancer, End of Life Care and Urgent Care, NHS South of England

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Quality is an important focus for every organisation involved in end-of-life care. Whether commissioning or providing services, organisations need to be able to measure progress in delivering care, demonstrate the progress in a systematic way and share best practice across their locality. Effective sharing of information is essential to the delivery of high-quality end-of-life care. This article describes how recent changes to the End of Life Care Quality Assessment (ELCQuA) Tool (National End of Life Care Intelligence Network, 2012) and the End of Life Care Coordination: Core Content. National Information Standard (ISB 1580) (National End of Life Care Programme (NEoLCP), 2012a) will help to support all those striving to commission and deliver the best care to people nearing the end of life.

The End of Life Care Quality Assessment (ELCQuA) Tool

ELCQuA is a free, national, on-line tool, designed to support local service improvement and the commissioning of end-of-life care services (National End of Life Care Intelligence Network, 2012). It can be used by any organisation caring for people at the end of life, across the health, social care, voluntary and private sectors (Table 1). Launched in May 2011, it was originally based on the national end-of-life care quality markers (Department of Health, 2009). It is now aligned with the National Institute for Health and …

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