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Going for Gold: the Gold Standards Framework programme and accreditation in primary care


Primary care teams are pivotal in caring for patients in the final year of life, enabling more to live well and die where they choose. They face increasing pressures from an ageing population, rising mortality and limited resources. Therefore, proactive approaches are required to support people nearing the end of life. The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Quality Improvement Programmes have been influential in end-of-life care (EOLC) since 2000. The first 10 general practitioner (GP) practices completing the updated ‘GSF Gold’ Programme and associated Accreditation are demonstrating enhanced EOLC including earlier identification of patients, more advance care planning discussions and improved outcomes for more patients. Use of this proactive approach demonstrates what is possible to achieve in general practices. Progress to date is encouraging, with evidence of significant change, exemplifying a possible model for 21st century primary care to meet the needs of those nearing the end of life.

  • Gold Standards Framework
  • End of life care
  • Home care

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