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An introduction to the NHS end of life care programme
  1. Claire Henry, National Programme Director and
  2. Pam Fenner, Project Lead
  1. NHS End of Life Care Programme. Email: information{at}


There are approximately 500,000 deaths a year in England. When asked where they want to die, the response of most people is that they want to die at home. In 2003, the Department of Health published Building on the Best: Choice, Responsiveness and Equity in the NHS. The strategies outlined in this document have aimed to offer patients more choice in relation to their health needs. This includes improving the quality of care at the end of life. The NHS End of Life Care Programme was established to achieve this aim. Health and social care staff are being provided with practical solutions on how they can improve end-of-life care for their patients. This article will outline the work of the Programme and highlight how it is supporting patients at the end of their lives. Declaration of interests: The NHS End of Life Care Programme is funded by the Department of Health

  • End of life care
  • Nursing role
  • Patient choice

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