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The LCP for the dying patient: a guide to implementation
  1. Mary Preston, Liverpool Care Pathway Lead
  1. NHS (SE) End of Life Care Programme/SE London Cancer Network, London. Email: mary.preston{at} or mrjpreston{at}


The Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient (LCP) is a multiprofessional tool that has been designed to improve and standardise care for dying patients in all health care settings. It is endorsed by the NHS End of Life Care Programme, which is a national programme aiming to improve end-of-life care for everyone, irrespective of diagnosis. This article describes how the LCP can be implemented within an organisation, explaining the various sections of the document, and examining how it can work in practice. The term ‘variance recording’, which is an integral part of the LCP document, is also explained and the relevance for audit of these variances is discussed. The sustainability, benefits and potential barriers against the use of the LCP will be considered. Declaration of interests: none

  • Care of the dying
  • Liverpool Care Pathway
  • Multiprofessional team
  • Palliative care

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