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74 Ambulance Service Responses to Hospice Patients Dying at Home
  1. A Thornsa,
  2. C Eldredb,
  3. R Dalyc and
  4. S Fisherd
  1. a Pilgrims Hospices in East Kent, Margate, UK
  2. b East Cliff Practice, Ramsgate, UK
  3. c South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Maidstone, UK
  4. d Pilgrims Hospices in East Kent, Ashford, UK

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is widely accepted as being an unsuccessful and unnecessary intervention for patients known to be dying from advanced disease. If patients with advanced terminal disease are being cared for at home, there are implications for ambulance service personnel attending emergency calls. If documentation of advance …

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