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80 Improved Patient Outcomes Produced by a Non-Medical Prescribing Community Palliative Care Team
  1. Jane Naismith,
  2. Allyson Pethick,
  3. Susan Warr,
  4. Helen Pegrum and
  5. Jane Butterworth
  1. Community Team, Florence Nightingale Hospice, Aylesbury, Bucks, UK

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The community palliative care team based at Florence Nightingale Hospice comprises clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) covering a patient population of 200,000. The team has provided a 7-day, nine-to-five service, for 6 years. Recent changes to Buckinghamshire’s general practitioner out-of-hours’ service, and the government’s improved access agenda and legislation, has permitted non-medical prescribing. This has resulted in the team embracing the prescribing role. Since …

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