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95 Is Offering Patients a Permanent Record of Significant Consultations Achievable When they have Palliative Care Needs? Network Standard Setting from Audit of Current Practice
  1. Corinna Midgleya,
  2. Julie Bakerb,
  3. Sarah Knightonb,
  4. Adrienne Mabbottc,
  5. Caroline Morenb and
  6. Pat Pearcea
  1. a St Francis Hospice, Havering-atte-Bower, Romford
  2. b NELPCN, Whitechapel, London
  3. c Macmillan Palliative Care Team, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, West Smithfield, London

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Develop a network approach to the offering of a permanent record of significant consultations for patients.


The National Institute for Clinical Excellence’s (NICE’s, 2004) Supportive and Palliative Care guidance recommends routine offering of a permanent record of significant consultations. In North East London, specialist palliative care providers rarely offer such records. The three aspects of the care pathway (first meeting with …

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