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102 Improving Communication and Collaboration at the Interface of Two Specialist Services: Optimising Care for Patients with Breast Cancer Who have Palliative Care Needs
  1. G Hamblina,
  2. D Murphya,
  3. C Holcombeb,
  4. J Spencerb and
  5. J Ellershawa
  1. a Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute, Liverpool
  2. b Breast Care Services, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool

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In order to optimise care for patients with breast cancer, there needs to be close collaboration between the breast care team and specialist palliative care (SPC) service, integrated into community care.


Inpatient Workstream is part of the national Cancer Services Collaborative Improvement Partnership (CSCIP). The Inpatient Workstream Project aims …

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