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113 Utilisation of a Surgical Palliative Care Ward — Analysis of the First Three Years in a Novel Approach to the Acute Care of the Palliative Patient
  1. AJ MacDonalda,
  2. H Qandeela,
  3. BA Williamsona and
  4. D Grayb
  1. a Department of Surgery, Royal Alexandria Hospital, Paisley, Scotland
  2. b Department of Palliative Care, Accord Hospice, Paisley, Scotland

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Palliative care has developed over the last 40 years from the first modern hospice in the late 1960s onwards to the development, in the 1970s, of hospital support teams. Despite the support of palliative care specialists, effective palliative care requires a variety of nursing skills and multidisciplinary input that can be difficult to provide on a busy modern acute …

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