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128 The Second Birth of Palliative Care in Russia Due to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
  1. Elena Vvedenskaya,
  2. Grigory Moshkovich,
  3. Oxana Shilova,
  4. Ludmila Varliva and
  5. Larisa Bykova
  1. Niozhny Novgorod , State Medical, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia

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The need for palliative care in total HIV/AIDS care is underlined by patients’ poor social and economical status, emergence of co-morbidities, high incidence of tuberculosis, late addressing of the need for medical care, high prevalence of physical problems and difficulties in treatment adherence. Three basic HIV/AIDS palliative care programs are currently working in the country: Promoting a Strategic Response to …

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