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‘A framework to enable a gold sStandard of care for all people nearing the end of their life’

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The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) is a systematic, evidence-based approach to improve and optimise the organisation and quality of care for patients and their families or carers in the last year or years of life. It is concerned with helping people to ‘live well until the end of life’ and includes care in the final months or years of life for people with any end-stage illness in differing care settings. The work of the National GSF Centre, now based at Walsall teaching Primary Care Trust (tPCT), West Midlands, and linked with the University of Birmingham, includes three workstreams or programmes: primary care, care homes and other areas of support in end-of-life care.

Welcome to the update page from the National GSF Centre. We are grateful to the editors of End of Life Care for inviting us to contribute a regular page to this excellent journal. …

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