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‘Going for gold’: GSF in care homes training programme
  1. Dr Teresa Griffin,
  2. Professor Thomas Keri and
  3. Sawkins Nikki
  1. Dr Teresa Griffin, Lead GP for the GSFCH Programme and GP, Shrewsbury
  2. Professor Keri Thomas, National Clinical Lead, National GSF Centre
  3. Nikki Sawkins, Lead Nurse, GSFCH Programme, National GSF Centre. For further information:


The Gold Standards Framework in Care Homes (GSFCH) Training Programme is now the most widely used care homes’ training programme in UK end-of-life care. It can assist commissioners and care homes to meet their local and national quality targets. The key aims are to improve quality of care and collaboration with GPs and reduce hospitalisation. The programme has evolved over the last 5 years and is closely linked to the GSF in Primary Care Programme, which is used by the majority of GP practices. The work is still developing and is backed by a growing evidence base and the shared experience of over 700 care homes. Attaining quality care is now firmly on the government agenda (Darzi, 2008). The GSFCH programme provides quality improvement, quality assurance and quality recognition for end-of-life care in care homes, enabling all care homes to meet the standard of excellence required. This article will provide further details of this exciting programme, its key lessons and demonstrated benefits, with ideas for future development.

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