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Developing a Booklet for Care Home Staff on End-of-Life Care
  1. Katherine Bauer, Home Manager and
  2. Pauline Isaacs, Duty Manager
  1. Abbots Leigh Manor, Abbots Leigh, Bristol. Email: kathy{at}


This article discusses the planning and implementation of a bereavement support tool to be used by care home staff members. The development of the support tool was the key outcome of the home’s participation in a training programme provided by the local hospice’s education department. As knowledge of end-of-life care expanded, it became apparent that less experienced and newer members of staff were lacking in knowledge, confidence and support in the care of dying residents and their families. This led to the development of an in-home, bereavement education and staff support booklet. This article demonstrates the reasons for the development of the booklet, including staff members’ avoidance of residents’ death and lack of subsequent contact with bereaved relatives. Such behaviour led staff members to feel distressed at the death of residents and to perceive a lack of follow-up support. The article highlights the experience of the home with the intention of providing other care homes with a view of what can be achieved. Conflicts on interest: none

  • Bereavement
  • Care homes
  • Education
  • End-of-life care
  • Staff support

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