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Website of the National End of Life Care Programme for Adults
  1. Candy Cooley, Manager
  1. NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre, Birmingham Women’s Hospital Foundation Trust, Birmingham. Email: catherine.cooley{at}


The aim of the NHS National End of Life Care Programme for adults is to ensure that all dying adults, irrespective of their disease type, receive support and care and die in their place of choice. The website supports the Department of Health’s End of Life Care Strategy by providing a rich source of information to facilitate service development and care delivery and by promoting best practice and innovative ideas across the UK. The key motto of the site is ‘Making change happen’. The achievement of this goal is enabled by highlighting projects and services that are already working efficiently throughout the UK. With over 1.5 million ‘hits’ since its launch in 2007, the website is supporting end-of-life care in many clinical areas and is being accessed daily to assist practitioners, managers and commissioners. This article provides an overview of the website and reviews its sections and subsections in order to highlight to practitioners and organisations how the website can help them to improve patient care at the end of life. Conflicts of interest: The NHS National End of Life Care Programme supported this review

  • NHS National End of Life
  • Care Programme website
  • Palliative and end-of-life care
  • Palliative care services
  • Service development

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