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Palliative care for care homes: a practical handbook
  1. Gilly Burn
  1. Gilly Burn is Lecturer, St Francis Hospice, Havering-atte-Bower, Romford, Essex
  1. Jo Hockley
  1. Book review editor: Jo Hockley
  1. Christine Reddall
  1. Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd No of pages: 184; Price: £19.99 ISBN: 9781846192487 Publication date: November 2008

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This book covers the total spectrum of palliative care for care homes. It demonstrates a real sense of the ‘value’ of older people and illustrates their very specific needs. The book was engaging right from the start. It opens with a powerful vignette of the author’s 83-year-old father. One of the things he wanted …

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