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The delivery of end-of-life care within extra-care housing
  1. Claire Henry and
  2. Sarah Vallelly
  1. Claire Henry is Director, NHS National End of Life Care Programme, Leicester, and Sarah Vallelly is Research Manager, Housing 21, London. Email: claire.henry{at}EOLC.NHS.UK


This article explores the means by which the end-of-life care (EoLC) provided for people living in extra-care housing may be improved. Extra-care housing is a form of specialist housing that enhances people’s ability to remain self-caring by providing access to services that promote independent living. With the expansion of the extra-care housing sector, the NHS National End of Life Care Programme and Housing 21 felt it was important to investigate EoLC in extra-care housing schemes. Staff and tenants from three Housing 21 extra-care schemes were consulted regarding current practice in the planning and delivery of EoLC and their experiences of local NHS services. The resulting report, Is it That Time Already? Extra Care Housing at the End of Life: A Policy-into-Practice Evaluation, summarised in this article, calls on health and social care workers to cooperate with housing schemes to improve understanding and support of each other’s work, in order to enable tenants to die at home if that is what they desire. Conflicts of interest: The employing organisations of both authors were involved in this project and the resulting report

  • Advance care planning
  • Dying at home
  • Housing
  • Personalised care
  • Preferred Priorities for Care

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