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10 Electronic Hospice Prescriptions: Key Patient and Clinician Benefits
  1. Ray Bunn, Community, Palliative Care Pharmacist,
  2. Sally Hill, Clinical Administration Coordinator, ,
  3. Dr Caroline North, Senior Ward Sister and
  4. Dr Catherine Gleeson, Consultant in Palliative Medicine
  1. Kamsons Pharmacy and St Catherine’s Hospice
  2. Inpatient Unit
  3. St Catherine’s Hospice, Crawley

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In 2006, St Catherine’s Hospice replaced its paper-based patient records with Crosscare (Healthy Software Ltd), a Windows-based clinical management system (CMS). For reasons of patient safety, information and efficiency, hospice and pharmacy clinicians developed electronic prescribing for inpatient, non-stock medicines and medicines to take home (TTOs). Prescriptions are typed onto templates within the CMS, saved in …

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