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13 Glycaemic Care Within a Specialist Palliative Care Setting: What are We Doing?
  1. Declan A Cawley, Specialist Registrar,
  2. Dr Elizabeth O’Brien, ST2,
  3. Dr David Waterman, Consultant and
  4. Jan Codling, Head of Clinical Governance
  1. Palliative Medicine, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford
  2. Medicine, Ann’s Hospice
  3. Palliative Medicine, St Ann’s Hospice
  4. St Ann’s Hospice, Manchester

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Background: Diabetes mellitus is a common condition with significant impact on patient morbidity, mortality and financial resources within the health economy. Diabetic care, like palliative care, is not context bound and operates in a variety of settings. Current national strategies emphasise the importance of clinically led pathways of care, irrespective of setting and provider. Hospice care needs to achieve …

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