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14 A Qualitative Study Exploring Patients’ and Clinicians’ Perceptions and Experiences of Palliative Medicine Outpatient Clinics in Different Settings
  1. Declan Cawley, Specialist Registrar,
  2. David Waterman, Consultant,
  3. Dai Roberts, Head of Research and Development and
  4. Ann-Louise Caress, Senior Lecturer
  1. Palliative Medicine, The Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester
  2. Palliative Medicine, St Ann’s Hospice
  3. St Ann’s Hospice, Manchester
  4. Palliative Care, Manchester University’s School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, Manchester

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Background: Palliative care is provided in a variety of settings. As care is not context bound, palliative care teams currently form many guises within the hospital, hospice and community environments. A Palliative Medicine Outpatient Clinic (PMOC) exists to meet the flexible provision of the needs and preferences of individuals. Gaining patients’ actual experience of care in preference …

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