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24 The Labyrinth: Reclaiming an Ancient Spiritual Tool for a Modern Palliative Care Setting
  1. Lizzie Hopthrow, Chaplain,
  2. Martyn Yates, Complementary Therapist,
  3. Nannette Jackson, Counsellor,
  4. Sue Stroud, Diversional Therapist,
  5. Lesley Finney, Clinical Nurse Specialist,
  6. Becky Sellen, Marketing and Communications Manager,
  7. Angela Baxter, Volunteer and
  8. Forster Amy, Medical Secretary
  1. Pilgrims Hospice, Canterbury

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Introduction: A labyrinth (a worldwide, ancient phenomenon) is a winding path that leads to a central point and out again. Unlike a maze, which can induce anxiety because it is difficult to find your way, a labyrinth frequently induces spiritual or emotional calm and can help in decision making. It is a timeless, spiritual tool that is …

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