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69 State Financial Assistance for Terminally Ill Patients — the Discrepancy Between Cancer and Heart Failure
  1. Rumina Onac, Nigel Fraser,
  2. Nigel Fraser, GP Principal and
  3. Miriam Johnson, Senior Lecturer
  1. GP ST1, Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust
  2. Scarborough, North Yorkshire
  3. Palliative Medicine, The Hull York Medical School

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Introduction: Over the past decade palliation for non-cancer terminal illness has been prioritised. In addition to high-quality clinical care, as stipulated in the 2001 Gold Standards Framework (GSF), patients expected to die within 6 months are entitled to rapid and higher level financial support, regardless of diagnosis. Clinicians can complete a DS1500 form, which obviates the need for detailed …

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