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92 Management of Oral Candidosis in a Hospice Inpatient Unit: Is a Single Dose of 150mg Fluconazole Sufficient?
  1. A Hurlow, Speciality Registrar (ST3) and
  2. CS Ruddock, y
  1. St Gemma’s Hospice, Leeds
  2. York District Hospital and St Leonard’s Hospice, York (audit carried out at Wakefield Hospice)

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Introduction: Oral candidosis is an infection commonly affecting hospice inpatients (Aldred et al, 1991; Bagg et al, 2003). In the absence of robust evidence for its management (Worthington et al, 2002; Davies et al, 2008) we assessed the efficacy of practice in a 16-bed hospice. Method: We retrospectively reviewed the management of oral candidosis in 61 consecutive admissions in 2007. We then prospectively inspected the oral cavities of 52 consecutive admissions in 2008 for white plaques or mucosal inflammation. Patients with suspected candidosis were administered a …

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