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The Gold Standards Framework in Acute Hospitals
  1. Helen Corner, Clinical Associate
  1. Helen Corner is Clinical Associate, National Gold Standards Framework Centre CIC (Community Interest Company) social enterprise and End of Life Care Facilitator, Basingstoke Hospital, and Professor Keri Thomas is National Clinical Lead for the Gold Standards Framework Centre, Honorary Professor, End of Life Care, University of Birmingham


Overview The Gold Standards Framework in Acute Hospitals (GSFAH) is a new training programme developed by the GSF Centre, designed to have an impact on patient care during the final year of life, in a variety of settings. The key aims of the programme are to improve quality of care, cross-boundary coordination/communication and reduce inappropriate hospitalisation at the end of life. The programme is reaching the end of the phase-1 pilot stage. Key benefits have been identified from 15 pilot sites. Phase 2 will be launched in February 2011. This article provides an overview of the current programme, key lessons and benefits demonstrated so far and information on the next planned phase.

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